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Tell Congress: Stop the PRO Act!

Tell your U.S. representative and senators that the misleadingly-named Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is bad for business.

Congress needs to hear your voice this week to stop a union wish list of policies that will systematically alter labor law in favor of unions and restrict the rights of employees and employers. The PRO Act contains dozens of extreme labor proposals that would destroy businesses and diminish employees’ rights to privacy.

As the pandemic continues to create hardships and instability for businesses and workers, now is not the time to pursue this radical and far-reaching legislation.

Advocates for the bill, misleadingly named the “Protecting the Right to Organize” (PRO) Act, claim it will help workers organize. The bill actually infringes on individual employee rights and privacy, erases employers’ rights to due process, removes safeguards against improper union activity, and limits opportunities to achieve the American dream.

We need your help! Please contact your Representative and tell them to stop the PRO Act! Your opinions matter!

Other Government: Kelly, Mark - Position: U.S. Senator
Other Government: Sinema, Kyrsten - Position: U.S. Senator

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