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07/01/2021 to 07/31/2022
Tell Congress: Reject Tax Hikes!

The Biden Administration is currently pursuing the largest tax increase in history to fund an ambitious agenda to massively expand the role and reach of government paid for by American job creators. This legislation—which is now being considered by Congress—will reverse the positive impact that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 had on the American economy before the pandemic.

Tax hikes would stall job creation and would put many small businesses at a competitive disadvantage. On top of that, raising taxes would harm America's competitiveness in a global economy and make it a less attractive place to invest profits, locate corporate headquarters, and create American jobs.

Lower taxes and smarter regulations remain key building blocks of a growing economy. Tell Congress to reject tax hikes that would undermine our nation's economic recovery.
07/01/2021 to 07/01/2029
08/03/2021 to 09/03/2022

Dear Chamber friend:

Negotiations on the bipartisan infrastructure legislation are at a critical point. What we do now will determine whether they succeed, and we need your help. The small business community must weigh in.

Senators often try to attach amendments containing their pet priorities to bills that have a strong chance of presidential approval — but that process can scuttle the carefully crafted agreement.

The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce is circulating a sign-on letter to remind members of Congress that the business community fully supports the bipartisan infrastructure deal and is counting on them to advance meaningful infrastructure legislation now.

Please sign our letter!



Raoul Sada
President and CEO
Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce

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09/24/2021 to 02/24/2022

Help us pass state legislation protecting our business community from all federal penalties associated with vaccine mandates.

Make no mistake; employers want to re-open in a way that is safe and sustainable. In each of our communities, businesses have improvised and innovated in critical ways to protect the health of their employees and customers.
We want to encourage even more innovation as businesses adapt to their own needs and health requirements.

The recent federal vaccine mandates and their accompanying fines are just another example insensitive and complex regulatory system that translates into excessive cost burdens for small businesses.

Federal vaccine mandates and fines add fuel to the regulatory complexity and are death by a thousand cuts to our small businesses. Our businesses can’t grow and create jobs if they are constantly burdened by increasingly complex and expensive regulations, especially during health and economic crises. That is why the Chamber is recommending you take action.

We are asking that our governor and state officials fight back to protect our business community and individual rights. No individual should have the sole power to compel the business community with costly mandates, especially when such declarations don’t seek input from our states and business community.