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Do you need technology that helps you adapt to our new online world and meet demand after disruption strikes? Are you trying to digitize your business quickly but don't know where to start?

Taylor Short and Sam Bonanno from Software Advice will walk you through easy and stress-free ways to help you find the right software to get your business online fast. They’ll answer 3 critical questions you should think about as you adopt the right software for your business:

  • What problem do I need to solve with software?
  • How do I choose the right software for my business?
  • How can I purchase software efficiently?

You’ll get actionable tips for identifying the biggest challenges with current software, what to look for when evaluating multiple products, and how to accurately calculate the total cost of adopting new technology.


 Taylor   Short

Taylor Short is a Content Team Lead at Software Advice, managing a team of  business IT and technology analysts who cover business and technology trends and help businesses digitally transform.

Taylor Short
Content Team Lead, Software Advice
 Sam  Bonanno

Sam Bonanno is a Senior Content Analyst for Software Advice, helping businesses navigate the software buying journey and understand marketing technology and business trends.

Sam Bonanno
Content Analyst, Software Advice

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9/22/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

This event will include educational presentations and panel discussions that help both new and existing businesses to recover, adapt and innovate. Read more

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Attend this free, online conference to meet the 2020 small business winners from across the country, learn new business strategies, meet other business owners, and talk with industry experts!

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10:00am to 12:00pmMary Orta

Patent eligibility can be a major stumbling block, especially for software developers. We will delve into the history of patent eligibility, especially as it relates to software. Then will discuss how to overcome the eligibility hurdle and obtain a patent for software.


Presented by: Matthew Grumbling


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9/22/202012:00pm to 1:00pmJulie Neal

Instagram can be an amazing tool to help market your business or a huge waste of time. The key is to leverage some of the tools and resources for Instagram and target the right demographic. The key to success on Instagram is dynamic images and creating engaging content. We will explore some of the most important best practices to use when marketing your business on Instagram and how to a truly engaged audience that drive results/sales for your business!

Presented by: No Boundaries Marketing

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9/23/202012:00pm to 1:00pmJulie Neal

Truth is, if you are just now starting to plan for the holidays, you are behind the curve. Fact is, the big box stores started planning for this in June and July! That is how important the next few months is for businesses! Think your business isn’t affected by holiday traffic? Think again! There is no vertical immune from the effects of the holiday spirit!

Presented by: No Boundaries Marketing

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9/24/202012:00pm to 1:00pmJulie Neal

On September 26th, Legend Acres is joining thousands of walkers from all over the country who are lacing up their walking shoes and grabbing their leashes to participate in the World’s Largest Pet Walk. Your support is critical, join us in taking these steps with Pet Partners of Arizona by joining our team and walking virtually in your neighborhood or local park!!!!

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9/26/2020 Mary Burch

Dysart Unified School District invites the community to participate in a virtual event to learn facts about the Override Continuation Election

Monday, September 28 at 5:30 p.m. The event will be virtual and take place on Facebook Live at The meeting will begin with a brief presentation by district leadership and participants will then be able to comment with questions for panelists to answer. 

The Dysart Unified School District Governing Board called for an Override Continuation Election on November 3, 2020. In Dysart, a Maintenance & Operations override has been in place since 2000. The override would maintain funding for programs currently serving Dysart students such as Arts, PE and Athletics as well as academic support programs for Math and Reading.  Funding to retain highly qualified teachers and staff, maintain manageable class sizes and offer all-day Kindergarten for the community would also continue with the override renewal.

WHAT: Override Informational Meeting

WHERE: Virtually on

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. on Monday, September 28, 2020

WHO: Dysart Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Quinn Kellis, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Ken Hicks, Assistant Superintendent for Education Services Dr. Stephen Poling, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Jim Dean, and Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations John Croteau

Why The Chamber Supports Investing in Education
The Chamber is an ardent proponent of strong educational systems. Education is, in every sense, one of the fundamental factors of development. No country or community can achieve sustainable long-term economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves, the world, and provides an opportunity for advancement. It leads to broad social benefits to individuals and society while raising people’s productivity and creativity. Education also promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. Education plays a very important role in securing social and economic wellbeing for all.   It is because of the link between education, economic growth and healthy communities that the Chamber is a strong advocates of healthy, effective, and well-funded educational systems. 

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9/28/20205:30pm to 6:30pm

Concrete Strategies to Boost Your Sleep & Double Your Business Impact

When we don't feel rested and energized, it directly impacts our life and our business. If you want to ramp up your impact today, it starts by getting sleep. 

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When we don't feel rested and energized it directly impacts our life and our business. If you want to ramp up your impact today, it starts by getting sleep.

The World Health Organization has declared sleep loss as an epidemic across all industrialized nations with staggering statistics.

Join this life-altering presentation with Success Coach and Speaker Holly Jean Jackson, and walk away with:

  • Sleep facts & a clear understanding of why sleep is crucial to you and your business
  • The 3 biggest sleep challenges
  • Concrete strategies to boost your sleep & double your business impact

If you find yourself feeling exhausted all of the time and lacking the energy you need to build your dream life and business this is the webinar for you.

Presented by Holly Jean Jackson

Holly Jean Jackson helps business owners and entrepreneurs love their life and their business again. With over 12 years of technology and business experience, she helps business owners get their groove back physically, mentally and emotionally. She does this through a combined approach of both coaching and consulting providing practical and actionable results.

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9/29/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Management Basics: The Top 10 Skills to Lead a Strong Team

September 30, 2020


Are you worried your managers don't know how to manage? That the management team isn't going in the right direction for your company?

If you are frustrated they aren't effective at transferring their skills, you know they need help but don't know what that looks like or you want to avoid investing time and money on people who aren't really qualified to be a manager, join this webinar and learn the top 10 basic management skills that first-time managers need to know and how to focus management skill growth to improve team productivity.

Time:  8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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HOT! US Chamber & Congresswomen Lesko To Address Local Businesses! 

An informal chat dealing with the status of additional COVID-19 funding and the upcoming elections is scheduled for Oct 7, 10:30 to 11:30 Live (Webinar and Facebook Live). Get your questions in now. Have a voice! 

The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce plans events to provide important news and updates specifically for the small business community. The Chamber works to represent the collective voice of the business community. Whether it's setting legislative goals, working with our lobbyist, sending out Action Alerts or connecting businesses with influencers,  the goal is ensuring an environment where business can prosper.

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10/7/202010:30am to 11:30am

Explain Your Products and Services with Infographics

Learn formats and strategies for tackling an infographic’s writing and development so that your customers can move forward with a purchase. Read more

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10/8/202010:00am to 12:00pmMary Orta

Women-Owned Startups in Rural America - Learn About Useful Tools & Resources

This lively discussion will delve into the available training and resources for women business owners and entrepreneurs in rural America. Read more

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10/14/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Where’s The Money NOW? Position Your Business for the Future of Small Business Lending

Identify the crucial factors lenders are evaluating now, and steps you can take to position your business for financing in the coming months and years. Read more

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This year’s economic crisis has resulted in rapid changes to small business lending. It's more important than ever to identify the crucial factors lenders are evaluating now, and steps you can take to position your business for financing in the coming months and years.

Nav's Education Director Gerri Detweiler helped individuals and small business owners navigate the 2008 financial crisis and is working to educate business owners through the current crisis.

Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • The current lending landscape
  • Who is lending?
  • What has changed?

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10/15/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Increase Your Sales with Online Reviews

Actionable strategies to increase sales and influence customers by increasing online reviews. 

90% of people claim that positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Do you know how your business appears online?

Join Deluxe product experts, Joann Do and Cortney Vargas, as they outline actionable strategies to increase sales and influence customers by increasing online reviews.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Where customers might be reviewing your business and how to monitor comments, questions, and complaints
  • The benefits of getting more reviews
  • How to gather reviews from happy customers
  • How to respond to criticism so that customers feel heard
  • How to use online reviews to improve your product or service



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10/20/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Planning Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Business Prosperous During Peak Season

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E-commerce has escalated during the COVID-19 crisis. With this growth comes challenges for both shippers and buyers.

Join this session where Kym Kyker of FedEx will review some creative ideas of how to navigate through peak season and ways to improve the experience for merchants and consumers.

You'll learn about: 

  • Earlier deals to drive sales before Thanksgiving holiday
  • Utilizing convenient network locations
  • Enhancing your brand
  • Improving packaging; utilize creative labeling or branded boxes
  • Working weekends to improve service
  • Website banners to communicate delivery delays
  • Enabling international shipping to reach a new audience
  • Shipping local and offering same-day delivery

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10/22/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Funding Options for Hispanic Owned Businesses in the "Missing Middle" Gap

Access to capital continues to be one of the major factors blocking the progress and growth of Hispanic business owners. Read more

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10/29/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Creación de un Plan de Negocios

La planificación adecuada es fundamental para el comienzo de un negocio y constituye una estructura sólida para la evolución y crecimiento de la empresa. Read more

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11/2/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

2020 Year-End Tax Planning for Your Business

In the final quarter of this most unusual and challenging year, there is still time to take actions that can favorably impact your bottom line and your tax bill for 2020.

These measures relate to your employees, your customers, your equipment, and your operations and reflect big changes made by the SECURE Act, the CARES Act, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and other legislation (including extension of the Paycheck Protection Program), as well IRS pronouncements.

Whether you work with a CPA or go it alone, attorney and prolific author Barbara Weltman will discuss which tax breaks apply to you and how to nail them down now before times runs out.


In this webinar you'll learn:
  • Year-end actions to reduce your 2020 tax bill
  • Refund opportunities to recoup taxes paid in prior years
  • Strategies for potential tax changes to come
  • Necessary actions to get ready for 2021
Presented by Barbara Weltman

Barbara Weltman is an attorney and a prolific author with such titles as J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes, J.K. Lasser’s Guide to Self-Employment, Home Business Magazine’s Home-Based Business Start-up Guide, and Smooth Failing.

She is a trusted advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs who serves on the advisory board of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. She works with Fortune 500 companies that want to share their message with the small business community.


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11/3/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

2020 Year-End Tax Planning for Your Business

In the final quarter of this most unusual and challenging year, there is still time to take action and favorably impact your bottom line and your tax bill for 2020. Read more

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11/3/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Re-Strategize Your Business Planning to Prevail the Pandemic

Learn how to re-strategize your business planning to maintain an adequate level of cash on hand, and get suppliers and vendors to make their payments when due. Read more

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11/5/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Como Administrarel Dinero para Sobrevivir la Pandemia

Observe los cambios que puede realizar en su negocio y comprenda lo que eso significa para sus ventas y costos. Read more

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11/12/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Google Analytics 101 - Improve Your Online Business by Understanding Essential Data

During this webinar, you'll walk through the steps of how to set up Google Analytics so you can start getting data from your own website. Read more

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11/17/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recorded on September 17, 2020

In April 2020, the FBI reported an almost 300% increase in cybercrime cases. Unfortunately, small businesses are the most vulnerable cybercrime targets. Read more

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11/18/20209:00am to 10:00amMary Orta

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